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Wing Chun is a Chinese martial art (kung fu), developed to be an efficient close combat system. Wing Chun teaches an effective means of fighting against a larger and stronger opponent. Techniques are considered to be highly advanced, in that the practitioner simultaneously block and attack. Canton Wing Chun lineage is from Yuen Kay San.

Introduction to Canton Wing Chun Basics Special on February 4th

After receiving many class inquiries, Sifu has decided to accept new students at the school after careful consideration while following COVID-19 safety protocols for Introduction to Canton Wing Chun Basics Special for $100/month. In order to be accepted as a new student, please e-mail us to be invited to an interview with Sifu Miller on a Thursday from 7:00-7:30 PM and have an opportunity to become a student. Please do not stop by for an unscheduled walk in interview, because Sifu Miller will have the right to refuse admittance for safety reasons. Following safety protocols for COVID-19 is required. The Canton Wing Chun Basics Special is scheduled to start on February 4, 2021. Please see flyer at our Facebook page for the details.

Magazine Articles

Wing Chun Illustrated Magazine has issue no. 57 out now, containing Sifu Miller's final column article - Embrace the Journey - Canton Wing Chun. Preview of the article has been posted up on our Facebook page. Previous magazine articles by Sifu Miller can be found in issues 50525354, 55, and 56.

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