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Wing Chun is a Chinese martial art (kung fu), developed to be an efficient close combat system. Wing Chun teaches an effective means of fighting against a larger and stronger opponent. Techniques are considered to be highly advanced, in that the practitioner simultaneously block and attack. Canton Wing Chun lineage is from Yuen Kay San.

Temporary School Closure Extended - Coronavirus

The governor of Virginia has made an executive order mandating an extended closure, which includes Canton Wing Chun Kung Fu School, to remain closed until Thursday, April 23, subject to further changes.

Temporary School Closure - Coronavirus

After additional consideration and the evolving coronavirus situation, Sifu Miller has decided to temporarily close the school effective today, Monday, March 16, 2020 until Monday, April 13, 2020. Should there be any changes, updates will be posted. 

School At Full Capacity

Currently, Canton Wing Chun Kung Fu school is at full student capacity. Therefore, the school is not accepting new students at this time. If you're interested in joining the school at a later time frame, please either check back here or email us your intentions. At this time, no visitors are allowed. Thank you for your patience. 

Sifu Miller Article in Wing Chun Illustrated Magazine Issue 52

Upcoming Wing Chun Illustrated Magazine Issue 52 will have Sifu Miller's article. Preview has been posted up in our Facebook page. Issue 52 is on sale February 14 as print and download.

Sifu Miller Interview in Wing Chun Illustrated Magazine Issue 50

Wing Chun Illustrated Magazine has an interview teaser photo with Sifu Alton Miller, available as print and download in Issue 50. If you're not a student at Canton Wing Chun Kung Fu School to hear the many stories from Sifu Miller, this is a good read about Sifu Miller.

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