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Wing Chun is a Chinese martial art (kung fu), developed to be an efficient close combat system. Wing Chun teaches an effective means of fighting against a larger and stronger opponent. Techniques are considered to be highly advanced, in that the practitioner simultaneously block and attack. Canton Wing Chun lineage is from Yuen Kay San.

Final Canton Wing Chun Basics Special of 2021

Sifu Miller has announced the next round of Introduction to Canton Wing Chun Basics Special. Please see attached flyer at our Facebook page if interested. Please note that this will be the last Basics Special for this year (2021). The next Basics Special will not happen until next year (2022) and no date has been determined.

Canton Wing Chun Basics Special: 6 Tuesday classes on Sept. 14, 21, 28, Oct. 5, 19, and 26. Please request an interview by contacting us via e-mail to determine qualification in learning Canton Wing Chun Kung Fu. Interviews will be held on September 14. This Introduction to Canton Wing Chun Basics Special is also a prerequisite to qualify as a regular student at the school to continue learning Canton Wing Chun Kung Fu. There is a waitlist to become a regular student. It is noted that children who can qualify are those who are capable of joining other adults (and may also require participation from their parent(s)).

Update 09/14/2021: Request for interview to qualify for Canton Wing Chun Basics Special has expired. The next expected Canton Wing Chun Basics Special would be in 2022.

Waiting List For Next Basics Special

Interview qualification round for Introduction to Canton Wing Chun Basics Special from June 22 - July 27, 2021 has expired on June 15, 2021; class has begun. If you are interested in a future Canton Wing Chun Basics Special, join our Facebook page and set up for automatic notification for announcements, continuing to check this website, or pre-register and get on a waiting list for an interview with Sifu Miller by e-mailing us for the next round of Basics Special. The next round of Basics Special has not yet been determined by Sifu Miller. Also, in order to join Canton Wing Chun, new students must go through a Canton Wing Chun Basics Special in order to be considered a regular student at Canton Wing Chun.

Magazine Articles

Wing Chun Illustrated Magazine has issue no. 57 out now, containing Sifu Miller's final column article - Embrace the Journey - Canton Wing Chun. Preview of the article has been posted up on our Facebook page. Previous magazine articles by Sifu Miller can be found in issues 50525354, 55, and 56.

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