About Sifu Miller

Sifu Alton Miller -born in Kyoto, Japan to a Japanese mother and American father. He was trained by Sifu Lee and was his most knowledgeable and skilled student. To develop Wing Chun in this country, Sifu Lee established a small school in Washington DC. He continued to teach Alton Miller privately while maintaining his new school and professional endeavors. As student interest developed in Wing Chun, Alton Miller became more involved in teaching, and with Sifu Lee's approval, expanded Wing Chun training to accommodate the increased student enrollment in Falls Church, Virginia.

In 1975, Mr. Miller, with the guidance of Sifu Lee, shouldered the active role of training the Wing Chun students in the Reston, Virginia school. Mr. Miller was now taking trips to China with Sifu Lee to receive training and support from Sigung Kwok Wan Ping and Sijo Sum Nung. In 1979 Mr. Miller and Sifu Lee, with the help from some other advanced students, opened a commercial school of Wing Chun in Falls Church, Virginia.

Basic Techniques

Compact in structure, yet containing many of the elements essential to a good wing chun foundation, the sup yee sik are ideal for early training. They can be loosely grouped into three broad categories.

Wing Chun Forms

The forms are like an index; they provide a sequence of movements and different application(s) of the tools in the correct positions and how they should be applied.

Chi Sao

Chi sao (chi shou, sticking arms) is one of the most famed aspects of wing chun kuen. Like san sao, sticking arms is a dynamic and ever-changing laboratory through which wing chun kuen techniques are deconstructed and explored in application.

Wooden Dummy

Muk yan jong (mu ren zhuang, wooden dummy) is perhaps the most famous of the wing chun training aids. It is constructed to match the size of its intended user and is composed of a body post, two high-level arms, a single mid-level arm, and a low-level leg.