Lineage History

Canton Wing Chun was named after the Guangzhou (Canton) region in China. Our lineage is from Grandmaster Sum Nung, who passed away on November of 2002. Grandmaster Sum Nung had learned his Wing Chun from Yuen Kay San  . In the mid 1960s, Sum Nung introduced Yuen Kay San Wing Chun to an accomplished martial artist, Kwok Wan-Ping. Kwok Sifu became one of the most sought after martial artists in Hong Kong and several of his students have gone on to become highly respected instructors in their own rights. Chung Ming Lee was one of these students who brought Wing Chun to the Washington DC metro area in the early 70's. During this time, Sifu Lee took on a student who became his most favorite, Alton Miller. Sifu Lee taught Alton Miller the Yuen Kay San system and the essence of Wing Chun so that one day Mr. Miller would be ready to meet Kwok Wan-Ping and Sum Nung. The day came in 1975, when Sifu Lee proudly brought Alton Miller to meet Kwok Wan-Ping, and Sum Nung to pay respect and homage. Sigung Kwok Wan-Ping and Sijo Sum Nung were impressed and amazed, to say the least, at the skill of Alton Miller and the idea that Yuen Kay San Wing Chun would continue to spread in the United States. There were many trips to Hong Kong and China that followed. Today, Sifu Alton Miller continue to teach Wing Chun as was taught to him by these teachers. The trips to Hong Kong and China in the 70's spurred historical legends and romanticized the times gone by.

During the initial trip to China, Sifu Lee also brought along another student who was junior to Alton Miller, Jack Henderson, who at the time was a secret service agent for the Reagan Administration.

"during the last New Year's festival an America knocked on a door in Guangzhou in order to give a gift to the owner of the dwelling. The gift was a picture of the U.S. President and his wife. The man who brought the gift came across the Pacific Ocean to do so. He was a body guard for the American President, and had come all this way to visit the famous Wing Chun teacher, Sum Nung. The man was named Henderson, and had followed a student of Sum Nung's named Kwok Wan-Ping to learn Wing Chun Kuen"

Wing Chun Master Sum Nung: Strong Inch Power and Iron Arms by: Yuen Jo-Tong

Basic Techniques

Compact in structure, yet containing many of the elements essential to a good wing chun foundation, the sup yee sik are ideal for early training. They can be loosely grouped into three broad categories.

Wing Chun Forms

The forms are like an index; they provide a sequence of movements and different application(s) of the tools in the correct positions and how they should be applied.

Chi Sao

Chi sao (chi shou, sticking arms) is one of the most famed aspects of wing chun kuen. Like san sao, sticking arms is a dynamic and ever-changing laboratory through which wing chun kuen techniques are deconstructed and explored in application.

Wooden Dummy

Muk yan jong (mu ren zhuang, wooden dummy) is perhaps the most famous of the wing chun training aids. It is constructed to match the size of its intended user and is composed of a body post, two high-level arms, a single mid-level arm, and a low-level leg.