Next Intro to Basics Special 2022

Sifu Miller has given thought when to schedule the next Introduction to Canton Wing Chun Basics Special. Sifu Miller is reviewing for a possible fall of 2022 time frame. Please check back towards the end of summer 2022 for announcement of Intro to Basics special scheduling. For those who are interested in learning Wing Chun at Canton Wing Chun Kung Fu, there is a waitlist for joining the school. Please note that no new students are permitted to join Canton Wing Chun Kung Fu school unless they go through the Basics Special. If you want to be placed on the waitlist for consideration when the next Basics Special is announced, please contact the school to be placed on the waitlist. One must qualify for an interview with Sifu Miller and attend the interview with Sifu Miller upon qualification. Thereafter, eligibility of becoming a student will be determined by Sifu Miller.