Canton Wing Chun Kung Fu School

Canton Wing Chun Art

At Canton Wing Chun Kung Fu School, Sifu Miller focuses on teaching Yuen Kay San Wing Chun as taught by Sifu Chun Ming Lee, Sigung Kwok Wan-Ping, and Sijo Sum Nung. The following are taught:

  • Chi Kung: breathing exercises.
  • Basics: similar to Sup Yee Sik or Sup Yee San Sao as taught by Cheung Bo, but modified for modern practicality, and introduction into Sil Lum Tao techniques.
  • Sil Lum Tao: known as little idea. This is where the Wing Chun practitioner learns the building blocks of Wing Chun techniques.
  • Chum Kiu: known as looking for the hand or crossing the bridge. This is where the Wing Chun practitioner learns to connect with the opponent.
  • Muk Yan Jong: known as Jong Sao or wooden dummy. This is where the Wing Chun practitioner learns to apply applicable Sil Lum Tao and Chum Kiu to a wooden dummy, which represents an opponent to practice on.
  • Bil Jee: known as flying fingers.
  • Lok Dim Boon Kwun: known as 6 & 1/2 point pole.
  • Baat Jam Surn Do: known as Wing Chun butterfly knives.
  • Baat Jam Surn Do Jong Do: This is created by Sifu Miller to combine techniques from the wooden dummy form and elsewhere in the Yuen Kay San Wing Chun system, while using the butterfly knives.
  • Chi Sao: known as sticking hands. This is where the Wing Chun practitioner learns to anticipate the opponent's hand movement when in contact, to parry and strike.
  • Chi Gerk: known as sticking feet. This is where the Wing Chun practitioner learns to anticipate the opponent's foot movement when in contact, to parry and strike.


Who may enroll: Teenagers & adults. No children. Teenagers who are under 18 of age will require parent/legal guardian consent and initial presence.
When: Every Tuesdays, starting September 6, 2022 during normal school business hours, qualification to enroll will be held at 7:00 PM in Fairfax, VA with Sifu Miller.
Class schedule: Every Tuesdays (1 day a week), from 7:30 - 8:30 PM, 2 months commitment required. After 2 months, discussion and review with Sifu Miller is required for continuation as a student.
Cost: $250 up front payment. No refunds.
Payment method: Zelle preferred, cash, credit card, and check.
COVID-19: We require the following COVID-19 safety protocol adherence: COVID-19 vaccinated, temperature check, sanitization practices, and face mask. Refusing to follow safety and protection of others would result in dismissal. Payment would be forfeited if dismissed.
Trial: Not available.
Curriculum: Canton Wing Chun Basics. Will have the option to progress further than the basics.
Where: Only those who meet this new admission process will be invited only once to the school to speak to Sifu Miller to see if Yuen Kay San Wing Chun Kung Fu is right for them. Uninvited guests/visitors are not permitted.
When invited: Show up with comfortable workout clothes and socks, and with your CDC vaccination card.
How to start the admission process: If you acknowledge and agree to everything above, email us.

Canton Wing Chun Curriculum

Sifu Miller teaches Yuen Kay San Wing Chun in 4 levels:

  1. Sil Lum Tao
  2. Chum Kiu
  3. Muk Yan Jong
  4. Bil Jee, Lok Dim Boon Kwun, and Baat Jam Surn Do

Basics is prior to the start of 1st level and should take on average 2 to 4 months. Then, there are 4 levels within Canton Wing Chun. In each level, there are 6 required tests, one every 2 months. The student will only be tested on the approval and recommendation of a senior instructor. On average, an individual can reach the 4th level within 3-6 years with dedication and consistent practice sessions and close supervision by Sifu Miller.

Canton Wing Chun Ranking System

Sifu Miller recognizes that Wing Chun training from the days of Sifu Chun Ming Lee, Sigung Kwok Wan-Ping, and Sijo Sum Nung do not have a ranking system that illustrates a student's knowledge of Yuen Kay San Wing Chun. Therefore, Sifu Miller created a colorful sash system where a student goes through the Basics (previously white, now as no sash), Sil Lum Tao (yellow of 3 degrees), Sil Lum Tao techniques (green of 3 degrees), Chum Kiu (blue of 3 degrees), Chum Kiu techniques (brown of 3 degrees), Jong Sao (brown/red of 3 degrees), Jong Sao techniques (black), Bil Jee (black/red), Look Dim Boon Kwun (black/red), and Baat Jam Surn Do (black/red). Once a student achieves total essence of the Yuen Kay San Wing Chun, a red sash is awarded.

Student mentors (either si-hing or si-je) wear red shirt at the school, who act as guides to all students. They are Sifu Miller's most advanced students. A student mentor is one who is knowledgeable in Wing Chun skills, who serve as a guide for the newer students, and who can offer benefits such as: answering student questions, correcting techniques and forms, monitoring students during class and workout sessions, tutoring students in preparation for their placement test, and addressing overall concerns of the student. A red sash student is also considered a red shirt.

As of February 27, 2022, there are 15 recognized red sash students and 28 red shirt students by Sifu Miller at Canton Wing Chun Kung Fu school.

List of red sash students (15): Hieu Ralston (2013), Quan Le (2013), Brady Sabelli (2013), Jack Henderson (2013), Abdelhak Bihi (2016), Rual Gamble (2016), Michael Hicks (2016), David Horning (2016), Clemic Lewis Jr. (2016), Sergei Lysenko (2016), Gordon Mukai (2016), Khiem Nguyen (2016), Andy Wong (2016), Sammy Wong (2016), and Rick Wong (2017).

List of red shirt students (28, -2): Hieu Ralston, Quan Le, Brady Sabelli, Jack Henderson, Raul Gamble, Sammy Wong, Andy Wong, Rick Wong, Fong Liou (deceased), Roger Nichols (deceased), Luc Coyte, Dennis Lysenko, Khiem Nguyen, Michael Hicks, Sergei Lysenko, James Wetherly, Abdelhak Bihi, Gordon Mukai, Clemic Lewis Jr., David Horning, Greg Clements, Hoang-Quan Ho, Michael Quist, Arnold Ramos, Luan Do, James Jackson, Ekene Iwueze, and Hong Nang "Arthur" Kong.